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Let’s build the future of bionics together

At Exobot Dynamics, we're driven by a singular mission

to revolutionize bionic limbs and empower

people to live life to the fullest

We're searching for passionate individuals to join us in making a real difference.

Where innovation meets impact

Building a future where limitations are a thing of the past

Be a pioneer in bionic revolution

"We're not just engineers, we're explorers. Here, you have the chance to push the boundaries of bionic technology and redefine the future of human potential."

Witness the ripple effect of your work

"The moment I saw a patient use the Exobot Hand to hold their grandchild for the first time...that's when I knew the work we do here truly matters."

Fuel your passion in a collaborative hub

"Exobot Dynamics is more than a workplace; it's a family. We challenge each other, support each other, and celebrate each other's successes. Here, your ideas are heard and valued."

Not just a job, it’s building a legacy

"At Exobot Dynamics, the work we do has a real-world impact. It's about more than a paycheck; it's about leaving a legacy of inclusivity and empowerment."

Available Positions

  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Electronics & Embedded Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Business Development Associate
  • Research Interns

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Become a pioneer, innovator, and changemaker. Join us in revolutionizing prosthetics and empowering individuals to live limitlessly.

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