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The Lightest and Most Advanced Bionic Hand Ever Built

Imagine feeling the cool smoothness of a freshly cut apple in your hand again.

Imagine effortlessly grasping a loved one's fingers, the warmth of their touch a silent reminder of your connection.

The Exobot Hand: A Grip on the Future

A revolutionary prosthetic hand for upper limb amputees designed to bridge the gap between what was lost and what's possible.

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Built for life

Designs based on human biomechanics

with latest technology to last long

Built for you

Crafted to enhance the well-being and

quality of life of each individual

Feel the difference

Natural movements

Forget clunky prosthetics of the past. The Exobot Hand utilizes cutting-edge actuation technology, creating a hand that moves with remarkable precision and grace. Whether you're reaching for a glass of water or picking up a delicate piece of jewelry, the Exobot Hand mimics the natural movements of the human hand.

Learning from you

Personalized control

Your Exobot Hand gets smarter with every use. Machine learning software analyzes your grip patterns and preferences, personalizing the hand's software control system. This creates an intuitive and comfortable feel that gets better as you get more accustomed to your bionic companion.

Adapting to your needs

Smart grip control

Forget the worry of dropped objects. The Exobot Hand features an innovative adaptive grip mechanism. Imagine a hand that can automatically adjust its grasp based on what you pick up. No more crushing a delicate berry or struggling with a heavy toolbox.

Powering your day

Long-lasting battery

Don't let low battery slow you down. The Exobot Hand is equipped with an efficient battery designed to last a full day, keeping you powered through work, errands, and everything else life throws your way. Focus on what matters, not your battery gauge.

Lightness meets strength

Built to last

The Exobot Hand is a marvel of modern engineering. We've crafted it using lightweight materials to ensure unmatched comfort throughout the day. But don't be fooled by its weight – the Exobot Hand is built with strength and durability in mind, withstanding daily wear and tear with ease.

Upgrades on the go

Wireless connectivity

The Exobot Hand boasts built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Imagine seamless updates, remote troubleshooting, and performance monitoring – all wirelessly. The Exobot Hand stays up-to-date and adapts to your needs, ensuring optimal performance whenever you need it most.

A life-changing solutions

Affordable for all

At Exobot Dynamics, we believe bionic technology should be accessible to everyone. That's why we've made the Exobot Hand a cost-effective solution, offering the life-changing potential of bionic limbs without breaking the bank.

We didn’t just build a prosthesis

We built an extension

of you

Inspired by the intricate mechanics of the human hand, the Exobot Hand mimics natural movements with remarkable precision. It's like wearing a missing piece that seamlessly integrates with your body, responding to your thoughts and intentions.

The Exobot Hand is more than just a prosthesis, it's a symbol of possibility. It's a testament to human ingenuity and a bridge to a future where bionic limbs empower individuals to live life without limitations.

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