future of bionic limbs

The Exobot hand

Imagine the freedom to reconnect with the world around you.

Introducing the world's lightest bionic hand, designed to empower you with confidence and possibilities.

On a mission to empower people with limb loss to regain mobility, independence, and a sense

of self

WHO estimates that

2.5 billion people need an assistive device

Only 10% have

access to such devices

Do you know?

Daily tasks are a struggle for many

We fill the gaps

with breakthrough technology

to bring near natural bionic limbs




EMG controlled prosthesis for people with upper limb amputations

Human Hand

Mimics natural hand

Provides an intuitive user experience

Hand Holding Something

Multiple movements

With motorized digits and individual control

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High load capacity

Don’t think, just lift whatever you want



Assured comfort for all day use, feels like air

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Adaptive grip

Just grip and relax, it knows what to do

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We understand what’s important to you

We build for you

so that you can take on bigger things in life with confidence

A good design makes all the difference”

Advanced, affordable and accessible technology is what sets us apart

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"It's so lightweight and intuitive that I feel like having my real hand back"

- Kashmir Singh, 55

SDG Good Health and Wellbeing
SDG Reduced Inequalities
SDG Partnerships For The Goals

We are pushing the boundaries of sustainable health

With devices more advanced, lightweight, and smarter than any other solution in the market

Try for yourself and see the difference

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Meet the team

Arnav Jain

Mechanical Engineer

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Founder & CEO

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Ashish Jaglan

Electronics Engineer

K Sai Akshit

Robotics Engineer

Dr. Sony Perumanl

Clinical Associate

Mentors & advisors

Dr. Harshavardhan

Indian Vaccine Manufacturers Association

Dr. Pankaj Khatak

Professor, Mechanical Engineering GJUST

Dr. NK Bishnoi

Professor, Economics


Kashmir Singh

A proud father

Support network

Mentors Foundation

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Not just bionics

we are at the forefront of human augmentation

Working towards a future where bionic devices become a tool for human potential to flourish, for everyone.

Exobot Dynamics pvt ltd

Incubated at AIC IIT Delhi

457, 2nd Floor, I-TEC Technopark,

Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Rai,

Sonipat, Haryana - 131029


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